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Rebekah Hughey, MD

Leadership and Performance Coach

Dr. Rebekah Hughey is a physician leader, public speaker, educator, and advanced clinical Ericksonian hypnotherapist whose passion is to improve the lives of others. Her background in integrative medicine, fused with her experience in neuroscience research, NLP, and extensive training as an adult educator result in a unique approach that skillfully blends the science and the art of self-development.  She has over a decade of experience helping leaders to access powerful inner resources, creating the ideal environment for transformation and personal growth. 

Happy Clients Include

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Areas of Expertise 

Performance Coaching | Leadership Development | Resilience Training

Performance Coaching is available either one on one or in small groups of 3 or 4 people.


Leadership Development provides benefits for your organization through masterclasses or group workshops. 

Resilience Training seeks to re-wire your brain for success, creating and reinforcing new pathways for optimal performance.


What Clients Say

"Generally, when we seek to evolve or develop ourselves in some way, it can be overwhelming. Where to start and how much to bite off can cause paralysis. Dr. Rebekah Hughey’s coaching helps you to identify and address behaviors and rewrite the messages that may be impeding your progress.  Her counsel is a game changer that empowers you to prioritize and set manageable steps that will have the greatest impact for positive momentum."

Shelly, The Advanced Leadership Institute (TALI)


Contact Me

PO Box 144

Bradfordwoods, PA 15015

Tel: 724-200-2652

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