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Mindset Coaching

This unique and transformative coaching program combines the mystique of hypnosis and the precision of NLP with the problem solving power of the hero’s journey. The journey takes the learner through a series of steps designed to hone self mastery skills and resilience. You will cultivate confidence, personify purpose, and exemplify excellence even in the presence of the most stressful situations.  When you learn the language of the unconscious mind, you sharpen your intuition, release limiting thought patterns, and begin to define success on your own terms.  This creates an ideal internal environment for positive change.

This coaching can be done one one one or in small groups of 3 or 4. 

There is also the option to use the HeartMath biofeedback tool to reset your nervous system to a place of resilience and calm.  

Schedule a free discovery call to learn how Dr. Hughey can partner with you to transform your personal and professional lives.

Leadership Development

Dr. Rebekah Hughey has spoken to leaders across many sectors including doctors, nurses, executives, politicians, and nonprofits. Her message remains consistent: in order to pursue success with laser sharp focus, we must function as our highest, most expansive selves. Dr. Hughey provides the requisite tools, training, and environment to help leaders access their deepest inner resources so that they can compete on a higher plane, make purposeful decisions in real time.


Schedule a free discovery call to gain more insight into how a masterclass or group workshop will benefit your organization.

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Leadership Developmen
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Resilience Training

A consistent grounding and centering practice connects the heart and mind. With resilience training, we re-wire your brain for success, creating and reinforcing new pathways for optimal success. In this space, you gain greater access to a calm confidence, leading to creative problem solving. This is essential for balanced, values-based leadership.

This training is done using HeartMath technology, which is scientifically proven to create coherence between your heart and mind.

Stress Mitigation
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