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The Path to Your Deepest Desires

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Last week, I gave four main reasons people struggle to manifest their desires in this life. The first reason is that many people do not know their true desires. From the time we are young, people have been teaching us how to think and what to believe. As soon as we arrived on this earth, we began passively receiving messages from family, teachers, churches, and other authority figures. This programming was so effective because, for the first few years of our lives our brain waves were operating at a frequency similar to that of a trance state. (More on that here) Then as adults, if we were not careful we remain in trance and begin internalizing the values of significant others, well-meaning friends, family, coworkers, and the ever-present media. Unfortunately, we don’t always realize that these programs are no longer useful to us and may be preventing us from reaching our full potential. Many of the actions that we take are not in harmony with our true desires. Most people act out of doubt, fear, and worry. We focus on what we “should” be doing, and somehow end up unfulfilled and depressed. Is this true for you? Take an inventory. How often are your actions aimed at trying to prevent something you fear, trying to fix the consequences of an earlier action, doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing because you don’t trust things to happen the way you’ve been told they would, or my personal favorite, doing something just because it’s too hard to sit still and wait? There’s a guiding principle that resonates with you on a visceral level. You must look inward to know. You must refocus to really look inward.  By reconnecting with that and making plans from that space, everything you do becomes more authentic. You start focusing less on efficiency for efficiency’s sake, and more on effectiveness. More importantly, you use your actions to collect what you’ve brought into your life as a result of right thinking, instead of using your actions to mop up the mess brought on by destructive thought patterns. As discussed in “Declare Yourself”, when you refocus your energy around your why, people and situations will appear to reinforce this energy. Conversely, things and people not aligned with this energy will fall away. In Transcend Being, we start to unpack this a bit. You learn how to return to the core of your being, making decisions from a place of authenticity and alignment with your own values. Once you have learned to reconnect, your true desires naturally emerge and any next steps will appear effortlessly. More on this next time.

See you soon!

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