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Child’s Play

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Children live in this wonderful world in which their inner and outer states are completely fluid, blending with one another effortlessly. They create new worlds and make up intricate stories. They hear those stories and ideas from a deeper part of themselves, believe them, and decide that they are worth bringing into this world to share with us. They have tea parties, bring toys to life, slay dragons, win the Olympics, become schoolteachers and master chefs, save the world, and do so with reckless abandon.  As children, we see the invisible vividly.  Do you remember this time?

Are you still dreaming and creating or at some point did you forget how to? Sometimes this is not a conscious, deliberate choice but occurs as a result of years of wearing away of self through discouragement, perfectionism, worry, anxiety, fear, regret. All of these things can lead us to mistrust ourselves, and decide to ignore that deeper self that craves expression. Now we often take what we are offered and don’t consider changing it, not realizing that we had it right as children—what we see now is only the result of what’s been decided at some time in the past. It is in this moment that we can start to create something new and different, never before seen or experienced by anyone. In this age of information, we have all kinds of data at our fingertips, but we need creative energy to bring new things to life.

Imagine the morning sunlight shining through a set of beautiful stained glass windows. All receive the same light from the same source, but an infinite number of designs and therefore patterns are possible. All the glass has to do is remain open and let the light shine through freely. Each pattern then projects its own unique image into the space it decorates. You are a unique filter, an individual expression of the all-encompassing creative force. This is called God, the Universe, Infinite Wisdom, Unlimited Source and many other names. This source energy filters through you to create a pattern only you can make–your life’s fingerprint.  When you receive those messages, songs, stories, patterns, designs, blueprints from that unseen world and you choose to ignore them then all of humanity loses them. That’s why it’s important to spend each day listening, just being still quiet and in the present moment. You may or may not get anything right then, but you’ve opened up the channel. Every time you choose to listen, you reinforce it. You’ve made that pathway of intention wider than the path of chaos for that day. Gradually, you’ll find that it’s easier to receive those signals in the form of ideas and inspirations throughout the day.

This weekend, make it a point to watch children and listen closely to their interactions. Remember how it feels to be in that state of mind, where you are in a constant state of creation, hearing the voice of your inner self much louder than those coming from this world. Then choose to believe that inner voice. Imagine the magic you can create!

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