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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Wait, no that’s not what I meant!  Everyone’s keeping their job (as far as I know). I’m talking about the blog.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting this blog. I appreciate every email, every comment and every suggestion. As is true of many healthy growing things, my message is evolving and so must the blog. Because of expanding readership, “Awakenings” is becoming more comprehensive and will provide a greater variety of information. The change is also a response to a request for certain topics to be addressed.

Here will be our structure for the next phase of the blog:

Week 1: Theme. Our current chosen theme is “The Power of Sound and Vibration”.

Week 2:  Productivity and inspiration. Topics on week 2 will be similar to “Do More Things, Cross More Lines” and “Ready, Fire, Aim”, which were written to help your find courage to do great things in this lifetime.

Week 3:  Health topic. This week will be educational and devoted to addressing how to improve some aspect of your physical health.

Week 4:  Story Time/Office Hours. During this week I will share with you an interesting story from a patient encounter I’ve had. The patient will have given permission and pseudonyms will be used.  I will also answer any questions I’ve received, if there is time.

I’m sure this is one restructuring you will enjoy!

See you next week.

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