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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Hi, Last week I promised I’d share with you how our environment is subtly influencing our thoughts. First, I’d like to ask you a question: have you ever been in a trance? Of course you have. In fact, you’ve likely been in trance thousands of times throughout your adult life. Remember, you spent the first few years of your childhood in a trance-like state as well, just taking it all in. Trance is an altered state of consciousness. It is a normal part of life and occurs spontaneously several times throughout everyone’s day. If you’ve ever been: –Using your imagination to create something –Performing “in the zone” for sports, theater, public speaking, etc. –Daydreaming –Meditating –Chanting –Ritualistic drumming

You’ve been in trance.

Unfortunately, you’ve also been in trance if you’ve: –Become anxious while imagining a future event –Replayed past grievances in your mind –Scrolled mindlessly through your social media site –Found yourself flipping through channels long after losing interest in a show, becoming   mesmerized by the latest infomercial

Which do you prefer? Which made you feel creative, empowered, energized, productive? Which made you feel drained, unmotivated, dull, lifeless?

It’s this second type of trance that is cause for concern. As we discussed before, being in trance makes you much more susceptible to suggestion. But whose suggestions are you taking? More and more it seems that in any place where you would normally be left to your own thoughts, you have been offered someone else’s.  It’s often with the goal of making you spend more time than you have, or more money than you should. Remember that these messages are going straight to your unconscious mind, and are subtle yet powerful influences on your life.

Just notice

Notice how many places you visit this week that suggest you sit or stand in front of a screen while you wait. Notice what is being offered to you on these screens Notice how much of your valuable time and attention you are giving to these strangers Notice how long it takes for you to bring yourself back to your own thoughts.

Just notice

This week, make a commitment to yourself become more aware.

Who have you given access to your unconscious mind–your entire operating system–and how will you reclaim it? When you regain control, you will be unstoppable.

Next Week: Declare Yourself

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