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What else is possible for you?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022


We are all familiar with the subtle power of persuasion.

Advertisers are adept at using this power  order to encourage us to purchase more than we need, spend more time than we have and squander more resources than we can afford to lose.  Although we are often conscious  of making less than ideal decisions in real time, we continue these behaviors.  It is as if a massive, unseen power  is wielding its influence over us. It is.

This power is the unconscious mind (unconscious to us, but in touch with the greater unseen consciousness). The unconscious mind is often the almighty driver of our behaviors, and makes up the majority of our mental processing.

As soon as we arrived, we began passively receiving messages from family, teachers, churches, and other authority figures. This programming was so effective because, for the first few years of our lives, our brain waves were operating at a frequency similar to that of a trance state.  More on that here: Unfortunately, what often happens is that we enter adulthood with programs are no longer useful to us.  Sometimes the programs are preventing us from reaching our full potential. At Lift Healing we teach you how to intentionally reprogram this automated machine so that you can take full advantage of its processing power. The unconscious is really the ultimate driving power behind most of our behaviors. It is through this intentional programming of the unconscious that we are able to lift ourselves out of the tyranny of useless, counterproductive, sometimes harmful habit and into the realm of living satisfying fulfilling lives.

“That all makes sense, but how do I reprogram my subconscious?”

You can begin creating intentional programs in your subconscious in the same way the old ones were set.  During this state of focused attention, you have instant and immediate access to the part of you that runs the show.   This is where the magic happens.

What else is possible for you?

On this blog, we will introduce topics such as hypnosis, suggestions, affirmations, and creative visualization as powerful tools you can use to live your best life.

Things we will discuss: Who is currently influencing my behavior in my daily life and how are they doing it? Why do I find myself doing things I don’t want to do? How can I stop drifting and start living with intention?

We will also explore effective stress management, resilience, how to alter your heart rhythm for maximum performance, and much more.

Stay tuned!

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