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Good Vibrations!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

“People of lofty and of low ideals, of amiable or unamiable disposition, show the difference of pitch in them.  Balance in man, in his thought, speech and deed, in time show rhythm in him.  The winning personalities of the world show music in their voice and words. And even before he utters a word, a person shows stupidity in the movements of his body, for they are unrhythmic…All beauty in the realm of nature, art, or personality is silent music.”  —Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Mysticism of Sound and Music

Welcome to our brand new original series on sound and vibration! From time immemorial humans have known, spoken of,  and manipulated the power of vibration.  Phrases like, “We were vibing”, “giving off good vibes”, “I like her energy”, “I’m off my rhythm today”, “he marches to the rhythm/beat of his own drum” all speak to the importance and universal recognition of vibration as an integral part of our lives.  Sound, vibration perceptible to our senses, has a particularly unique place in our lives.  Sound has had a significant impact on most of us, starting in the womb. We learned to love the beating of our mother’s heart, or perhaps the sound of our father’s voice, and even began to form early language skills by hearing the tone and cadence of the spoken words of our language.  Sound constantly shapes and changes our minds in a myriad of ways.  It is also manipulated by movie and music producers, as well as corporations aiming to sell us their products. Were you aware that the sounds to which you are exposed on a daily basis impact your physical and mental health?  The music you choose, people with whom you surround yourself, where you shop, where your work, what you watch, and even your ringtone and other phone alerts, when chosen carefully and consciously can have a huge positive impact on your life.  Unfortunately, many of us are not choosing our sound environments wisely and as such may be in a constant state of stress and tension. In this powerful upcoming series, I will teach you how to bring more conscious awareness to this very important dimension in your life.

Topics will include:

Practical suggestions on how to improve interactions at work and at home by changing your sound environment

Using the vibrations of sound energy to alter your mood and affect your interactions with others

Defining the term “soundscape” and discussing how it is being used by others to control our behavior

Discussing the intentional manipulation of our music by unseen powers and why it’s really not the quite same as it used to be

Understanding the power of sound and vibration to heal and soothe

Learning the different types of brain waves and how you can enhance performance through vibration alone

You may even hear from a special guest blogger : )

This would also be a great time to send in any topic suggestions, or questions that you would like for me to answer.  You can either respond using this email or use the comment section in our online blog.

Please get as many of your family and friends plugged in as well, ASAP. This is going to be a good one!

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