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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Sound Therapy for Your Body

Last week I mentioned that sound affects our physiology, psychology, cognition, and behavior. Today, we will address number one—how to use sound to change your physiology.

“Modern” science is now learning something that ancient cultures have known for millennia: vibration forms the foundation of our very existence. Everything we see in our world has its own vibratory frequency.  Every one of us has a signature vibration we must maintain for ultimate health and vitality. Our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves crave this signature vibration, and like water running downhill to the ocean, constantly seek to return to it when we lose our way. On an energetic level, our physical bodies are a veritable symphony. However, just like a musical instrument that can fall out of tune, our bodies can stray from a healthy vibration through a continuous onslaught of stress, negativity, poor nutrition, and lack of physical activity. As life becomes more and more disordered and chaotic, our body’s energy does as well. This is the source of much chronic mental and physical illness.

The good news is that we can use sound and vibration for healing,  giving us the “tune up” that our bodies crave.

Below are 3 proven techniques to help your body return to its source vibration:

1. Singing bowls—Tibetan singing bowls are hand-hammered bowls originating in the Himalayas and have been traditionally used along with prayer for thousands of years for healing.  We have 7 energy centers in our body, known as chakras. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency and is associated with its own color.  These chakras actually correspond to well-known centers in the nervous and endocrine systems. Using the powerful vibrations from these bowls, we can return balance to each of these energy centers.  Here is an example of how these bowls can be used.  I love this clip, because it spends 10 minutes tuning each chakra, so you can listen to it in parts or all at once. It is best if you can experience this with surround sound, feeling the vibrations throughout your whole body.   These sounds are also extremely relaxing and can be used to help you wind down and to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Sounds from nature—In today’s hustle and bustle, we often become completely disconnected from nature. We sit in air conditioned buildings, sometimes without adequate access to sunlight and fresh air. If we work in tall buildings, it is literally more difficult to stay grounded, as we lose our connection to the earth.  Taking the time to reconnect to nature is essential to maintaining energetic balance. You need to hear the birds sing, the crickets chirp, the ocean roar, or whatever natural sounds are available to you in your environment. Taking just 5 minutes a day to sit outside with your eyes closed, allowing your ears to drink their fill of the sounds of nature will do wonders for your health.  If you live in a neighborhood where you don’t have access to such sounds, there are numerous online resources with great recordings. Here, sit in the rainforest for a few minutes!

3. Drumming—This is one of my favorites.  Do you want to experience true euphoria? Use drum therapy. The power of rhythm is phenomenal, especially when you are feeling like your rhythm may be a bit off.  Every cell of your body dances to the beat of your heart. Doesn’t it make sense to take time to restore that natural rhythm?  Rhythmic drumming has been used for millennia for healing and also to enter other states of consciousness. Immersing yourself in the awesome experience of rhythmic drumming will provide healing energy, as well as awaken your mind to new possibilities.  I use this for periods of intense focus.

Here are some specific suggestions on how to include sound therapy into your daily routine:

  1. During morning and/or evening meditation enhance presence

  2. During your daily workout to improve performance

  3. While sitting in the car for 5 minutes before you start driving to center yourself

  4. Before you enter the office for the day, to “get your mind right”

  5. On headphones/earbuds during work to increase productivity

  6. As soft, ambient sound for all of your colleagues in order to bring peace to your work environment

  7. To re-center your children after a long day at camp or school

I am excited for you to find your own creative ways as well!

I really hope this information resonates with you.  Please take the time to use at least one of these techniques this week.  Healing though sound is proven to reduce blood pressure, improve focus and mental clarity, strengthen your immune system and improve overall life force energy. Your body mind and spirit will thank you.


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