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The Sound of Silence

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

How to Recharge Your Superpower

Welcome to the last essay in our series on sound. It’s been a fantastic journey. In “Good Vibrations” I introduced the importance of sound and vibration in our lives, and the concept of becoming consciously aware of your sound environment. In “The Power of Sound”, I revealed 4 specific ways in which sound affects our physiology, psychology, cognition, and behavior. “Immerse Yourself” was a powerful lesson on how to change your physiology using singing bowls, sounds of nature, and the awesome rhythm of drums. “Get Your Mind Right” was a cool essay about the idea of entrainment, and how to induce different mental states by tuning your brainwaves to specific frequencies. In “Dream On”, we explored that wonderful theta state of mind called “twilight” and how to expand it to gain insight and peace in your life.

Today, I’d like to discuss one of my all-time favorite sounds—silence. Imagine how the negative space in a painting makes bright colors even more vivid, and isolation helps us appreciate the warmth of someone’s touch. Even the simplest of flavors brings so much pleasure after a prolonged period of fasting. Similarly, silence is essential to our enjoyment and appreciation of sound. Sound is vibration and vibration is energy. Too often in our daily routines, we are subjected to that energy coming from unwanted sources. We unconsciously absorb this energy as well, becoming tired, stressed, and irritable, especially after a particularly taxing day. Coming home to household noises and stimulation from electronic devices can further deplete our energy. Being silent is therefore essential to recharging our energy source. It is when we finally focus inward, tuning into and intensifying our own unique vibration. It is here that we find meaning and receive clarity. It is here that we reclaim our superpowers. Are you comfortable sitting in complete silence for ten minutes a day? Five minutes? Two minutes? Just setting an intention to make silence a priority and making space for it in your life will yield significant benefits. Similarly, just as in the example of the painting, creating more negative space in your life may be in order. This may involve shortening your to-do lists, dropping or delegating some nonessential projects, and letting go of some activities that are no longer of benefit to you. This may mean seeing some people less often, while turning up the volume on some other relationships. By doing this, the things that matter most to you will be come even more vibrant and meaningful in your life. So take some time for silence today, and every day. You’ll be glad you did.

See you next week!

(Here’s a link to the trailer for the documentary “In Pursuit of Silence”.  Take a look. )

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